Sunday, June 28, 2009

Skyrocket Coolers

From the kitchen of Jessica Edling

1 bottle of cranberry juice
1 bottle of "Cool Blue" Gatorade
1 bottle of Diet ginger ale (must be sugar-free)
Tall clear drinking glass(es)
Ice cubes

The key to creating three "stripes" is to layer ingredients, placing the heavier, sugar drink as the base, and then "layering up" to the lighter, no-sugar drink. It's Mixology 101 for kids!Fill the tall, clear drinking glass about one-third of the way with ice cubes. Pour in the cranberry juice (heaviest, sugary beverage) to fill one-third of the glass. Very slowly and carefully, pour in the Gatorade "Cool Blue" (medium-weight beverage) to fill another one-third of the glass. Hint: When pouring, aim for an ice cube to prevent the liquids from hitting each other too forcefully and hence blending. Again, very slowly and carefully, pour in the diet ginger ale (lightest, no-sugar beverage) for your final layer. Again, aim for an ice cube. Top it off with a festive straw or swizzle stick - some red, white and blue garland or pipe cleaners wrapped around skewer sticks work great! - and serve. Be sure to enjoy your coolers pretty promptly; if left sitting too long, the colors will eventually meld.

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